Acronyms Master works like a pro

Acronyms Master screenshotScan: Acronyms Master first scans the document for all possible acronyms using an advanced search engine.
Compare: Acronyms Master compares all the returned results with the entries in any customized database selected for the document. This can be, for example, a database for a specific project or client.
Display and Edit: Acronyms Master displays the results in a user-friendly tabular format that you can edit, before inserting the acronyms table into your document.
Learn: This is where Acronyms Master comes into its own as a tool that learns. Every time you run Acronym Master, you add to your database of known acronyms, and increase your knowledge base.

Acronyms Master enables table customization for each project

Editing Project List Acronyms Master lets you create multiple customized acronym databases.
For example, if you are a subcontractor for several companies, you can build an acronyms database per client.
As another example, you may need to create and maintain extensive acronym lists for different product lines, projects or brands within your organization, which operate in different market segments.
Whatever your differentiator, Acronyms Master has the flexibility to give your technical documents a professional edge.

Acronyms Master provides smart database filter features

Multiple databases - per technology, product line, project, customer, department, or any other differential.
White lists - editable database white lists of frequently-used acronyms that you can add and edit with every run.
Black lists - editable database black lists that include capitalized words that are not acronyms, but can appear in a document, for example, ON, OFF, DATE etc.

Built-in database

More than 50,000 acronyms and abbreviations in the following categories:
. DoD acronyms
. US Military acronyms
. NASA acronyms
. US Government acronyms
. Telecommunications acronyms
. Astronomy acronyms
. Atmospheric Research acronyms
. Chemistry acronyms
. Medical acronyms

Acronyms Master integrates with Microsoft Office

MS Word toolbar
Launch Acronyms Master from the Microsoft Word toolbar or ribbon (Word 2007).

Built-in Web search

Built-in Web search
You can launch an Internet search for an acronym from within the application.

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