Version 4.x
This tab includes information pertaining to the criteria of the search and analysis process. It is based on the different forms and characters that an acronym can include. The criteria are as follows:
  • Identify acronyms that include numbers (i.e., B2B, RS232, etc.)
  • Identify acronyms with the following non-standard characters "-", "/", "&" (i.e., NI-CD, AC/DC, etc.)
  • Identify plural acronyms (i.e., PCs, ATMs, etc.)
  • Identify acronyms with prepositions and articles (i.e., USA United States of America, AOG Aircraft on the Ground)
  • Capitalize detected definitions (i.e., if "PC" appears in the document as "personal computer", it will be displayed as "Personal Computer" in the Results Table).
Acronym Criteria

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