Version 4.x
There are two versions Acronyms Master, Lite and Pro. The Lite version is an abbreviated version of the Acronyms Master software. The Pro version is a fully functional Acronyms Master software package that allows the product to learn though the writer's action in order to create the most relevant acronym table.
The Functionality table below lists the functions available in Acronyms Master.



Searches Word documents for acronyms
Searches Word documents for definitions
Generates a Table of Acronyms
MS Word Integration
Supports all European languages
Built-in database with more than 50,000 acronyms and abbreviations
Highlight first instance of each acronym in the document
Black List support
White List support
Project Lists support
Enables sharing of Black list, White list and Project lists
Automatic backup of settings and database
"Search the WEB" option in the Results Table
User friendly interface
Note: This Help is written with Acronyms Master Pro in mind. Some of the features described in the Help are not available for Acronyms Master Lite.

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