Version 4.x
Acronyms Master license is per computer and operating system. In case of computer replacement or operating system upgrade, Acronyms Master should be deactivated on old computer/operating system and reactivated on the new computer/operating system.

The license transfer service involves a small fee.

To deactivate/reactivate Acronyms Master
  1. After purchasing the transfer service service from, open Acronyms Master.
  2. Deactivation Menu
  3. Click "Help" > "Deactivate Software". The "Deactivate Software?" dialog appears.
  4. Deactivation Dialog
  5. Click "OK". The "Activate over Internet?" dialog appears.
  6. Deactivation Dialog
  7. Click "Yes" for online deactivation or "No" for offline deactivation. The "Activate License" dialog appears.
  8. Activate
  9. Click "Activate". After a few seconds a message stating your settings have been updated appears.
  10. Deactivation Complete
  11. Click "OK". The deactivation process is complete.
  12. Close Acronyms Master and install the Acronyms Master software on a new machine.
  13. Activate Acronyms Master with the new license.

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