Version 4.x
  1. Purchase the relevant Acronyms Master license keys at
  2. After the evaluation period expires, an "Activate over internet?" dialog appears the next time you attempt to open Acronyms Master.
    Activate Over Internet
    Click "Yes" for online registration
    Click "No" for offline registration (if you are working in a private network or if your online activation is blocked by company firewall, the offline registration should be selected).

  3. Register the Acronyms Master software

  4. For online registration:
    Click "Yes", the Enter License Key dialog appears. Enter the License key previously purchased and click "OK".

    For offline registration:
    After clicking "No", the License Activation dialog appears.
    Write down the Hardware Key displayed in the License Activation dialog and the License Key previously purchase.
    Offline Activation
    Connect to the internet from any other machine and go to and click "Activate Software" button.
    Enter the Hardware Key and the License Key to get the Activation Key. Write down the Activation Key and enter it in the License Activation dialog described in step 3 and click Activate.

  5. Acronyms Master opens as a registered software.

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