Version 4.x
You may purchase the Acronyms Master Lite to Pro upgrade package from
The upgrade is activated after completing the following procedure.

To upgrade from Acronyms Master Lite to Pro
  1. Open Acronyms Master.
  2. Click "Help" > "Deactivate Software". The "Deactivate Software?" dialog appears.
  3. Deactivate Dialog
  4. Click "OK". The "Activate over internet?" dialog appears.
    Activate over Internet
  5. Click "Yes" for online deactivation or "No" for offline deactivation. The "Activate License" dialog appears.
  6. Click "Activate". After a few seconds the following dialog message appears.
    Deactivation Finished
  7. Click "OK". The "Deactivation Failed" dialog appears.
    deactivation Failed
  8. Click "Cancel".
  9. Close Acronyms Master Lite and restart it. Acronyms Master Pro permissions are enabled and the title bar text changes to Acronyms Master Pro.
    Analyze the document

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